Pyle PSWWM82BK review

Hello my readers. This record will be quite different from previous, as I'll try to write review for a watch.

For quite long time I wanted hi-tech type watch. For now, technologically advanced watches is Altimeter-Barometer-Compass (ABC) watches. Also, there is wrist computers (ABC, GPS, etc) but it's not intended for everyday regular use, so I did not even considered this type of watches. I've searched for ABC watch and preselected few model: Casio Casio PRG-500, Pyle PSWWM82BK, Weather master 7. Casio was little bit to expensive for me, WM7 was bulky in view. So I've chosen Pyle. Probably it's just rebranded no-name but I liked inverted LCD, nice outfit and reasonable price.

Now let's get it to the topic, where we should be.

Received quite nice looking hard-paper box with transparent window to watch itself.

Manual, included with this watch is written in english and french languages. It was really good written, understandable and with nice and explainable illustrations. Everything is detailed in sections. High mark for manual!

After taking watch into hands it was disabled. As understood later- it was in sleep. Just press any button and it comes to life. Great! After reading manual I've managed to set time correctly. Also set altitude above level based on GPS measurements. 30 mins. it's all what it takes to understand what is what. After that I've put manual back to box as my watch was ready for everyday use

Every watch primary function is to tell it's wearer what time is it now. This clock show it in big digits on main screen. Above clock line you may see day of the week, bellow- date. Time and Date formats can be chosen, 12/24 hours and MM-DD or DD-MM as date. Year in not visible all the time. But why would you like to see current year? Watch as apparatus to tell time is perfect.

But hey, it also has some other great features: Chronograph up to 99 hours with 10 laps history, Count-Down timer from 99 hours, second time zone if you travel frequently or have any other needs to track time in different timezone. It has two different alarms and may chime hourly. This watch has thermometer- and it's accurate. But you have to take it off from hand to read surrounding temperature. Temp will be ready in about 10 minutes

Pyle PSWWM82 may read weather pressure and show it in different formats (mBar, hPa, InHg). It remembers hourly reading for 36 hours and may predict forthcoming weather by showing one of 4 icons: Sunny, Sun in clouds, Cloudy and Raining. Based on pressure reading this watch may calculate difference in altitude (with exception that weather not changing drastically). This instrument is accurate: at home I've set ground zero, got to work and in evening came back. At home it shown -1 meter. This misread was because air pressure is constantly changing. It shows min or max altitude, and total ascend and descend.

And one more great feature- compass. Nothing to much about it. Just need to calibrate it at beginning and set magnetic declination based on your location. If clock is not in horizontal position- upper line blinks to show it. Also it blinks if magnetic disturbance is detected- strong magnetic or electric field are detected. Compass works very well, easy to read and use. Oh, almost forgot- this gadget has EL panel as back-light. With EL Panel all face is light equally and easy to read in darkness. Not to bright if you just woke up at night and want to check time- it wont flash with light in your eyes.

Inverted LCD (when everything is black and digits are white) looks nice, easy to read in bright light or at home. But when it comes to quality of watch as item, I'm not so enthusiastic. Front face glass (crystal as other calls it) is probably mineral- in other words- glass. That's why care should be taken to preserve crystal from scratches. I've applied screen protector while this watch isn't scratched badly. Probably, some day I'll have to replace crystal, but as far as my quick research says- it not very trivial task. Front crystal size is 33mm- and it's quite usable format in nowadays- so your watch service technician should be able to do the job.

Plastic of band is quite hard (not even close to rubber or silicon) but I like it.

I've wrote this part after one month of usage

  • Looks sportish
  • Easy to see digits in bright sunlight and in artificial lightning.
  • Night light is not to bright or to dark
  • Accurate measurement and forecast
  • Armband and clock is quite durable
  • No noticeable time drift

I'm happy with my gadget :)

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