Be a princess

Easy backuping software written in python. Intention is to backup flash to other disk.
It recognize drive letters by disks serial numbers

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Initial release

Once, while I was on vacation, a friend of mine messaged me asking for help. She said she lost her files on USB disk. I thought not a big deal, I'll try some file restoring apps. None of them really helped. After some time of tinkering with device, I've noticed that it used about 4 GB, while I see one few hundreds mbytes. This frown me idea, that some folders/files are hidden. Not just a simple hide attribute. Later on, I've managed to identify, that hidden files also had attribute S1) as, by default Windows explorer hides them. Didn't found how to remove S attribute out of folders. Suddenly idea strikes my head- use console. Good plain command prompt:

attr -s <fileName>

I've restored everything. Next day we met, I've gave her flash disk. I was sure, that she does not have copy of this data. Losing this data would knock her down. We talked about that and she said me this:

I don't want to serve for computers. I just want to be a princess.

I thought how to make simple one click backup software for her. There was one problem with already-made products: each time you insert USB it's drive letter may be different, so you cannot just write simple script.

This software recognize source and target drives by serial number of disks. As I'm a little bit experienced in Python, I've made GUI2) with glade, and whole app with python. App uses PyRobocopier module3) to make backup. I named my app by her phrase I want to be a princess.
Thats it, end of story. Use this application if you like

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developed by Anand B Pillai
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